Legg Mason Plots IRA Push Through Digital Platform

The firm is also considering a direct push to individual investors using this technology.

Dervedia Thomas and Marissa Capodanno 18 April, 2016

Great-West Financial will now be comprised of three divisions—Empower Retirement, Individual Markets and the new division—Great-West Investments.

Dervedia Thomas 15 April, 2016

Today’s fund news roundup

Fund Action 15 April, 2016

Today’s fund news roundup

Fund Action 15 April, 2016

SIFMA urges SEC to revise previous ideas.

Stan Wilson 14 April, 2016

The ETFs follow the successful launch of the $2.29bn SPDR DoubleLIne Total Tactical Return ETF (TOTL) in 2015.

Dervedia Thomas 14 April, 2016

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InPlayer 26 December, 2017

Fiduciary Rule Impact Still Far-Reaching

Impact of ruling still meaningful, despite concessions to industry

Max Viscio 11 April, 2016

“Market Timing” Packaged And Sold By ETF Firms

With a rough start to 2016 scarring investors, exchange-traded fund

Nick Jardine 11 April, 2016

A rough quarter for investment-grade corporate debt products.

Patrick Keon 15 April, 2016

Question: “In light of money market fund reform, do you think short-duration bond exchange-traded funds can be used as cash equivalents in portfolios?”

Nick Jardine 14 April, 2016

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